Samsung Electronics seems to be pulling a Google. The South Korean giant has filed a patent of an electronic eyewear which the company categorizes as ‘sports glasses’. The memo attached to the several drawings in the patent reveal more on the design front, describing the glasses as an earphones-integrated device that lets users attend/make phone calls and listen to their favorite music as they work out. The device is further connected to a smartphone and shows alerts popping up in the phone, offering an easy access to users who’ve their hands busy on other sport equipments. Also, a transparent or translucent (not sure yet) lens completes the device.

Samsung Sports Glass Patent A Worthy Contestant To Google Glass Only Time Will Tell.

Now the Samsung ‘Sports Glass’ shares a lot many similarities with Google Glass, from what the memo offers. And the design, of course. It’s just that the former is emphasizing more on the sportiness of the eyewear . And once this device gets a public launch, this would be the company’s second wearable electronic offering to the world- the first one being the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The only issue electroninc-wearables pose is that they have a very bleak battery life, and once the gadget players ensure that their devices are not juicing up users’ battery in a couple of hours, these gadgets have a great market in the future. LG Chem Limited, the company that develops batteries for Apple and LG, not long ago demonstrated its batteries that were as thin as a cable wire and could be easily incorporated in the wearable devices.

But as of now the wearable won’t pose any serious threat to the existing smartphones and tablets, and this scenario is expected to stay constant for a decent period.