A study was conducted in which heart of rats with heart problems were removed to see that what effect fats have on an individual’s heart. The experts used oleate an element of olive oil to treat few types of heart and for others they used palmitate which is commonly found in animal fat and dairy products.

It was seen that the hearts responded to both the types of elements in different fashion, and the experts concluded that olive oil had a good influence on heart health.

The other hearts did not respond to the palmitate and the condition of those hearts deteriorated but again when these hearts were treated with oleate , they showed signs of healing as the fat content in the cells again came to normal.

It is a sign of a healthy heart that it can imbibe fats for its proper function, but when it is weak, its ability to absorb and store the fat decreases thus blocking arteries and leaving the poisonous fat behind in the body.

It s said that olive oil helps to pump blood in a more effectual way as it helps the unhealthy muscles o contract and pump blood more efficiently.

This research was published in the journal Circulation.