For Indians, there exist two kinds of motorcycles in the market- 1) The Royal Enfield and 2) Other bikes. And a customized Enfield that stands apart in style and personality is a celebrated medal of honor for sure. It’s this love and passion for the bike that led a Delhite Bobbee Singh to establish a motorcycle customization company named Old Delhi Motorcycles, where they customize nothing else but Bullets, mind you.

Old delhi motorcycles the movie

A short movie reflecting this very love and passion for the Enfield has been created by these grease monkeys, and the beauty of the bikes and the amazing Indian locales that’s covered traveling on them is salute-worthy. A special respect has been showered on the Indian Army too, as no other justification is needed to gear-up an Enfield as the Army has laid its trust on the bike for over half-a-century now.

Watch the amazing short film here: