This is one of the most beautiful short I’ve seen in a while, one that touches your hear at just the right places, and plasters a warm smile on your face. ‘Speechless’, a short film by Team Postmasters was made within 48 hours for ’48 Hour Film Project Mumbai 2013′, and went on to win five awards in listed categories- Best Direction, Best Actor – Male, Best Actor – Female, Best Original Music and 1st Runner up – Best Film.

speechless short film

The heartwarming video shows a “conversation” between two lovers, and is going totally viral over the Internet. Just check out the award-winning film once and you’ll understand why.

Rekindle that beautiful love by watching/sharing this film with your loved one. Though a part of the film is in Hindi, the film speaks a universal tongue, and seriously you don’t need a lingo-support to enjoy the crux of this beauty.

Watch the award winning short ‘Speechless’ here: