Nokia Lumia 920, though a flagship product from the Finnish manufacturer, is incompatible with India’s 4G network and ships into the country supporting 9 LTE bands listed on the Nokia India website. And the list fails to incorporate LTE 2300 bandwidth-  the standard in India, though for operation the smartphone is compatible with LTE 2100 and LTE 2600 services- implying that Indian buyers of this smartphone won’t get to enjoy the mighty internet speeds on their Lumia 920. Nokia has confirmed the site’s listing to be right, ruling out every possibility of 4G in India. Time Division Duplex (TDD) networks are employed for LTE across India and China, and majority of manufacturers do not develop their phones as per these standards. At present, Huawei Ascend P1 is the only phone suited for the Indian LTE band.

nokia lumia 920 featured

Anyways, this minor hindrance shouldn’t be a cause of concern for any potential Lumia 920 buyer, as India enjoys 4G only in limited areas, and 3G sure is always a decent alternative.