Cast – Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborthy
Director – Umesh Shukla
[highlight]Overall rating: 3/5[/highlight]

Based on the famous Gujarati play ‘Kanaji vs Kanaji’, ‘OMG! Oh my God’ does possess several characteristics of a play. It has a strong culture-influenced background, it keeps a certain sets of ideals and unashamedly throws them upon viewers, its characters are life-like in larger-than-life situations. Few dramatic turns and some artificial sets then re-assure you that its an obvious adaptation. However, at the end, just like most of the plays it looks like an honest tale with a simple heart. And it comes as a refreshing breeze of air amidst all escapist movies we are getting bombarded with on every other friday.

omg oh my god

Telling a story of an unbeliever in God, his beliefs and his growth through various phases film starts with an introduction of Kanaji Lal Mehta (Paresh Rawal). A self proclaimed atheist, he owns a shop which sells everything related to the God. He keeps on insulting God and loves to show the world his enmity with him specially to his extra religious wife. One day in a natural calamity he looses his shop which makes him to file a complaint against the God himself, asking for compensations. Some self proclaimed saints and bearers of the so-called ‘worshiping-copyrights’ put their voice against him. The situations become tough for Kanaji Bhai, right then enters Kishan Wasudeo Yadav aka Bhagwan (Akshay Kumar) bringing film to the end of the first half and building up a lots of excitement for the second half, which comprises idealistic thoughts, clap worthy dialogue and interesting proceedings.

First half relies completely on a strong performance by Paresh Rawal and little entertainment doses which partially succeed in entertaining. Second half is all message and idealism through protagonist’s point of view. The Superstar’s screen presence definitely helps. Akshay Kumar with his smile and his glow very well manages to create a God alike image. Film is full of idealism which may allow repetitiveness to come in. The over negativity around the sadhus an the characterization of Liladhar Maharaj (Mithun Chakraborthy) may sound disheartening. The actual state of mind of Kanaji hardly comes clearly in front of the viewers, sometimes it may look confusing. But, but the film never seems to impose its idealism. It sticks to the lighter note and avoids getting very serious, which makes it an ‘almost’ winner.

‘OMG! Oh my God’ is far away from being an eye opener or something inspirational sort, watch it for the purpose of entertainment and wait for getting touched by its ‘Feel Good charm’ !