The Indian Governments’s Intelligence Bureau has reasons aplenty to believe that the telecom service providers are incapable of waylaying the pool of updates and interactions on popular social networking hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. As per Economic Times, the IB has demanded TSPs to modernize their tech-infrastructure so that they could intercept the next-gen website which make use of the new Web 2.0 technologies. The Indian Government states reason for this as ‘preventing misuse of the internet’. Department of Telecom (DoT) has received orders to ensure that all TSPs are technically well equipped to scan up the web traffic to a greater extent.

The GoI is nurturing plans of setting up a dedicated web-monitoring organization that’d be entirely responsible of monitoring all the online communication in India, and these plans won’t work out unless and until the Telecom Service Providers upgraed their technology. Section 69A in the IT Act of 2000 gives Government the authority to scrap off/block any  spiteful content shared over the web, and the government did use up this section in the recent past to block away several pages on Facebook and Google.