Mistress Of Honour has all the right elements to make for a breezy summer read. Drama, passion and patriotism are blended well in the story, and brings out the other side of our celebrated war heroes.

The books loops you in from the first chapter itself, where an Indian Army captain Deepak Potnis encounters Parminder Kaur Sodhi (aka Pansy) amidst Operation Blue Star, and they both fall in love. Pansy, who has lost everything to the operation, finds a pillar in Potnis and marries him. Soon they’re blessed with a baby girl Rihana.

The book takes you years ahead when Rihana is now a lovely lady who’s fallen for an Indian Air Force pilot, Advik. Before he could commit himself to her via marriage, country calls for his services and he’s asked to report for the Kargil war. Advik holds his country above any personal relationship, and Rihana is stuck in a spot where she has to take a major decision of her life. What shall it be?

The narrative is pretty fast, though there’s not much of a background detailing here. And believe me it doesn’t affect the story a bit. The story beautifully captures how difficult it is for a soldier’s family to bid goodbye, when they know he’s headed for the war zone, unsure if he’ll ever return. There are even some heart-touching letters included in the story.

At nearly 200 pages, this book shall be your good companion for almost 3-4 hours, and it’s far from being dull. The book has strong male characters and even stronger female characters. The storyline is pretty predictable, but that doesn’t hold you back from falling in love with the characters, and in some instances, even empathising with them.

Overall Rating : 3/5