According to a research conducted by the North Shore University Hospital, New York, consuming Mediterranean food helps to abate the chance of a stroke. Few people with an average age of 52 years were selected for the research, in which it was seen that the persons who followed Mediterranean diet strictly were in good physical state as compared to those who did not follow any such diet.

mediterranean diet

A person suffers from a stroke when any particular portion of the heart does not get proper oxygenated blood thus causing impairment in the general functioning of the heart. Heart attacks occur when there is obstruction or blood clots in the artery to the heart.

Mediterranean Diet comprises of vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts, fish, olive oil etc. It is also important that one should restrict the consumption of saturated fats, dairy sugar and red meat and consume large amount of green leafy vegetables.

Apart from diet, exercising regularly, practicing yoga and meditation  helps to lead a healthy life.