A study was conducted at the University of Nottingham to find a drug which cures eye infections. This study was conducted by using garlic, onion and cow bile. All the three ingredients were blended together along with wine and kept in an antique copper container.

These three constituents were taken because it is at present being widely used in medicines and are easily available as well as very effectual.


It was argued upon that these constituents were not very healthy even though garlic, onions and copper were disinfectants, also, wine is a good germicide if adequately used and cow bile has its own health benefits. The researchers made all the constituents brew for a few days in a brass container thus killing all the germs in them and making the blend useable.

It was said that after brewing the blend it had to be allowed to stand in a container for at least 9 days before sieving it through a clean cloth.

This research was first experimented on a type of micro-organisms which do not react to the regular medicines and the results were quite astonishing. The recipe killed the harmful micro-organisms . Later it was also experimented on injured mice and the results were the same, it killed approx 90 % bacteria.

This remedy was known as the ‘EYESALVE’ remedy. Efforts are still being made to make this research successful.