Everyone has a check list when it comes to arranged marriages. It’s a decision taken in complete consciousness whilst trying to make everyone involved happy. In Indian and especially Marathi arranged marriages there are so many factors that are taken into consideration when doing the match-making process – There’s patrika (kundali) with nakshatra and ’36 gun‘, there’s the family background check and there’s talks between both parties about which jewel to wear on hand and which puja to perform before the wedding day. And according to the young generation, little or no importance is given to the overall compatibility between the bride and groom. Amidst all the discussion and confusion, arranged marriages are happening all around. But do such marriages last? And is there a right process of match making? Lagna Pahave Karun – a movie directed by Ajay Naik tries to answer these questions and lands up as a winner in the process.

Aditi Tilak (Mukta Barve) & Nishant Barve (Umesh Kamat) meet in a strange situation in a coffee house. Both of them are frustrated at the lemons life is throwing at them – Nishant has lost his US job, broken up with his fiancee and lost all chances of becoming an NRI and Aditi is tired of facing rejection from Investors for her business idea. One thing leads to another and both of them decide to start a marriage Bureau named ‘Shubhavivah’with a focus to arrange marriages which will never break and will last forever. In fact, their tag line is – ‘Itha Lagna Tikta’ (translates to “Here Marriages Last”) They introduce a new process of “scientific marriage making” that they think can bypass the horoscope matching process. Rahul (Siddharth Chandekar) and Anandi (Tejashri Phadnis) become the first couple to get married through Shubhavivah. However unexpectedly Aditi & Nishant face the challenge from Nalini Dikshit (Swati Chitnis) the most accomplished Astrologer of the City, who claims that the marriage will break in 6 months or the guy will die because their horoscopes don’t match at all. Will Aditi and Nishant be able to accept this challenge? Will they be successful in making the marriage of Rahul & Anandi work? Lagna Pahave Karun is the story of enduring and making things work without faltering.


Produced by Solariz International and Sprint Art Creations and written by  Kshitij Patwardhan and Sameer Vidwans, the story of Lagna Pahave Karun is a realistic love story that happens on the backdrop of the success of a marriage bureau that is trying to bring new ideas to the whole match making business. Though we believe that the culmination of the story could have been done in a more elaborate manner, there’s little negative to say about the movie. Performance wise, Mukta as a strong and determined Aditi who is scared of failing is the best character of them all. She pulled off the role very aptly. Umesh as the supportive Nishant has done his part well. Siddharth and Tejashri – straight out of the television serials are a surprise package and both show immense potential to be leading stars in upcoming movies. The narrative of the story is crisp and doesn’t drag you in any kind of emotional melodrama. Swati Chitnis as the famous astrologer is really strong and level headed. She comes off as a villain, but is only responsible for the major twists in the story. Her role is really commendable.

We think that marathi movies can get rid of the songs, but there’s some nice work done by Shankar Mahadevan, Bela Shende as well as Kunal Ganjawala in this film. Out and out, Lagna Pahave Karun is refreshing and a one-time watch for the Lagnalu (marriage-able bachelors) and just married people out there. Go watch it with your family – so that at least some of us can make sense of the whole match making process.

Overall Rating – 3/5