The day doesn’t start without the perfect cup of garam chai for a significant number of people. Yes, the aged and children included. This surely draws upon the tremendous importance of tea on our health, and quite recently a lot of facts regarding tea (various types of it), were unearthed. So apart from the green, black or the usual masala tea that you enjoy, here are some other healthy options you ought to try-

Oolong tea

oolong tea

This tea helps in cutting off the excess of fats that you may have put on over the years. Besides, it is very beneficial for heart patients as it keeps a watch over the cholesterol level. It also reduces the high blood pressure and the risks involved in heart diseases. It acts as a perfect dermat for your skin as well.

Peppermint tea peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a perfect choice if you are suffering from indigestion or intestinal infections. It helps you gain immunity and is a tested herbal medicine for cancer patient. Plus, pudina is cool (even without the pun!).

Parsley tea

parsley tea

It is a beauty tip for ladies who wish to look sparkling even in their mid 30s. It also proves to be a source of vitamin C and some researches are still on to prove it a therapy for some sorts of arthritis.

Chamomile tea

chamomile tea health benefits

This tea can help in reducing tremendous amounts of stress providing you a soothing effect. It also relieves you of muscle cramps. If you are suffering from any sort of cold especially during the rains, go for chamomile tea, you are bound to get relieved.

Matcha tea

matcha tea

This tea has a long list of medicinal properties: it helps reduce weight, acts as a perfect antioxidant, reduces the risk of heart diseases, fights carcinogens and also acts as a detoxifying agent.

Rooibos tea

rooibos tea This tea together provides the benefits of matcha tea, parsley tea, chamomilete, oolong tea besides also acting as a very good source of calcium, thus providing strength to your bones.

Hibiscus tea hisbiscus tea This tea is made from fresh, natural flowers and can be very helpful to cope up with heart risks and takes care of diabetic patients by reducing the sugar absorption level of blood.

Pu erh tea


This medicinal tea can help you control your cholesterol level, provide solution for an upset tummy, it can also reduce or completely eliminate the amount of poisonous substances that you consume through food. It also increases the metabolism rate.

Barley tea


This tea can be the best remedy if you are suffering from dental problems. The most distinguishing feature of this tea is that it regulates the blood flow, automatically reducing the risk of half a dozen diseases.

These are some of the hot medicinal properties claimed by these various types of tea. We have always taken recourse to doctors and medicines for even the slightest ailments that we come across. Researches claim that tea has all the medicinal properties that we have just listed. So at least give a try to these homely remedies. Go for it!