India is famous all over the world as the “land of spices”. India can boast about its exuberant spices that it has cultured and maintained since so many years. Not only do these spices make up for better taste, but they also have lots of health benefits to flaunt off.

spices of india

Lets sneak a look at some of them and what benefits do they hold for the everyday cure:


cinnamon health benefits

Its Indian name is dalchini. It has a very mild taste that is hard to detect but certainly provides a different level of satisfaction to the enhanced taste of your curry. It is basically cultivated in some parts of Karnataka and has been found to control the cholesterol level, sugar level of blood and inhibits the growth of fungal and bacterial germs that prevents spoilage of food.


asafoetida health benefits

Just add a pinch of heeng to your food and experience its marvellous effect. It is famous for its strong and pungent taste that provides a soothing effect to the stomach. It is mainly cultivated in some regions of Afghanistan and mainly consumed in Rajasthan and Mumbai. It gives instant relief for cough and cold related problems besides providing aid in excessive and painful mensuration.


orange-saffron health benefits

This spice has been famous for its use in rich and splendid dishes that range from the houses of rajas and maharajas. The importance of kesar can be estimated from the price needed to purchase even 10 grams of it! It was used in ancient times for providing cosmetic aids to the then present maharaanis. It acts as a treatment for heart and diabetic problems and is a recipe for nourishing the skin as well. It has vast ranges of cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir.


clove health benefits facts

I remember whenever I get a toothache or mild cough, my granny always recommends chewing a clove. And yes, it does work! It provides relief to diarrhea patients as well. For acne patients, clove oil is a highly recommended medicine. It flaunts its presence in Andaman and Nicobar islands, parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Black pepper:

organic black pepper health benefits

It is the best natural preservative that has been used since centuries. Besides, it is also a common spice used for making any tangy and tasty dish. It also adds to the flavour of  your exotic pizzas and pastas. Has a great role to play in improving digestion and reducing gastrointestinal infections. It is cultivated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


turmeric health benefits

Haldi is famous for providing a deep yellow colour to the curries in which it is added. India also holds a patent for this spice that has high medicinal values specially in the haling of contusions. It is found in almost every part of India.


cardamom health benefits

Elaichi is an essential drug for some some of the coffee lovers. It is basically used in sweet dishes where the powder is sprinkled over the dish to render it a lovely essence. In addition, it also treats digestion problems very easily. Found in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of West Bengal.

Spices were traditionally used both to better the taste of food and also for deriving its medicinal benefits. Presently not many people are aware of their medicinal capabilities, still there is a consistent use of these spices in the Indian kitchens. Once the benefits are known to all, most of the diseases could be cured at home without the need for additional medicines, only adding ‘better health’ to your longevity.