Hinting its disapproval in the recently-announced US strategy for Asia, India is intensifying the military engagement with China. INS Rana, Shivalik, Karmukh and Shakti are the four Indian warships of the Indian Navy’s Eastern fade on Wednesday got into the port of China’s chief commercial hub Shanghai on a trip. The ships had harbored accompanying an Indo-Japan naval maritime trial.

India Intensifies Its Military Engagement With China.

The Indian Navy is also stationing four ships on a deployment from abroad to west Asia and Europe, to project its “blue water” capabilities of long-range deployment. One more naval ship INS Savitri will be stationed for two months to carry out the surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of Seychelles and Mauritius as asked by the governments of the two countries. Having major differences with the chinese policies, India is in favour of resolving the issues two-sided without depending on American force projection to strong-arm China. As an attempt to corner china, US had just announced a suggested fleet enhancement in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming decade that was seen in some quarters.

The sources confirmed the stationing of another four ships towards West Asia and Europe could see the ships dock at ports in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Spain, France and Italy.