Nano-Makers Now Conceive Megapixels- Drive Thy Future!

The Nano was launched with much fanfare and coverage and many people still cant believe it turned out to be such a damper. But Tata Motors have a few new versions of the car that probably share nothing else with the Nano. It seems that the company will soon bring out innovations unseen not only on Indian roads but roads worldwide with its upcoming concept cars.

TATA Megapixel

TATA Megapixel

These cars have been named Pixel and quite uncreatively follows the Megapixel. While pixel has already been showcased in International Motor Show in Geneva where it got extensive press coverage, the megapixel is probably only on the drawing boards right now. Both of these cars are hybrids which means the cars run on electricity as well as petrol and also radically different from anything in the car market now. The hybrid model is relatively new in India and also not in much use worldwide. These cars give the efficiency of about 33km/lit, which is probably thrice what a Maruti gives right now. The fuel expenses are going to go up anyway, so this might be the right time to go hybrid for everyone.

Some of the features in these concept cars include a human machine interface, wireless control of the car’s features and zero turning radius. That’s right, ZERO turning radius. I guess whatever we have been seeing on Discovery for the last ten years is going to be implemented by India first. However, the pixel is going to be produced for Europe.

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