Unlike the past few generations of Daaru lyrics, where almost every drunk song symbolized depression, the present day lyrics come off as a refreshing change. And yes, the tippler gets to guzzle too! The booze – once a sure-shot element representing lost love, bad friendship, or even family feuds- now infuses every party with an infectiously crazy life.

And Bollywood has cashed on this mood quite well, with most albums released recently featuring at least one Daaru song, the recent offering being Daaru Desi from Cocktail. With more and more lyricists hitting the booze, high spirits are surely maintained, but the songs don’t have a playlist-life of more than a couple months. Here’s a look at the recent songs that brewed the brew-

Hitting the bottle is depression no more; rather it testifies high spirits!

Aye Ganpat, Chal Daaru La (Shootout at Lokhandwala)- With the insanely lazy foot-tapping voice of Mika Singh, this song went on to become one of the biggest chartbuster of its time.

Patiala Peg laga ke kehen da hai (Patiala House)- Though the movie was looked down, this song did make its mark by being featured in the Top 10 of many FM lists.

Talli Hua Talli Hua (Singh is Kingg)- Ok, ignoring the Punjabi-Booze connection, this song too made way to get remixed and had a lot of DJ-followups. Same with Main Talli Ho Gayi from Ugli and Pagli.

Humka Peeni Hai Peeni Hai (Dabangg)- Get a cop, give him booze, and make a few extras dance to his tunes as he guzzles his way to the top- both in the film industry and the music charts- as this song found a huge audience whistling on it.

Talli hai ye zameen, talli hai aasmaan (Ekk Mai Aur Ekk Tu)- This song has alcohol more in a metaphorical sense, but the protagonists are indeed drunk when they sing this song. The I-care-a-damn attitude of this song had it reigning for a very long time.

Chikni Chameli Pauaa Chada Ke Aayii (Agneepath)- Though the music was criticized for being a lift-off ofKombdi Palali, the video featuring Katrina Kaif hit the right notes among the audience.

Rum Rum Da Whisky (Vicky Donor)- Though this was not the most loved song from the album, it was lovely nevertheless. The movie even had the mother and grandmother of the main lead sharing a few pegs. How urban indeed!

Daaru Desi (Cocktail)- This is the latest alcoholic offering to the audience, with feelings being compared to booze’s after-effects. The music hit the bull’s eye soon after it released, or should I say the bull’s cup?

What’s your take on this? Is it indeed classy to tink your glasses and shout Cheers! while slugging down a couple bottles? What Bollywood portrays is the pleasure-side of the contemporary Indian while totally blinding out the losers, who sadly or not, make the majority of the modern day society.