This book doesn’t warrant a review basically. It’s not a biographical account of the most popular Indian hair-dresser, but rather, Jawed Habib’s book is a tips-and-tricks list that enlightens the reader with proper hair care techniques. Illustrated with amusing cartoons, this a book that shall offer you insights on the rights and wrongs you’ve been subjecting your hair to.

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There’s a brief history in the beginning of how Jawed’s grandfather were a barber to the president at that time, and how Jawed got interested into this business since a very tender age. But apart from the starting pages, the remainder book is a complete what to do and what not to do manual that will lead you to healthy hair. A lot of emphasis has been put on the hair texture, oiling techniques, regular shampooing and conditioning, among other things. Also, the most general mistakes have been highlighted and proper solutions have been provided for the same.

Why, I started following a few procedures myself. The changes will take time to show, I think. For people running their own salons and parlors, this book could be a lovely manual that shall benefit your customers. Other people may buy it for the home-remedies provided in the book to boost up your hair-health. Believe me, they work.

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