The promos of Ekta Kapoor’s Kya Super Kool Hai Hum had made it pretty clear that this movie is only meant to tickle our funny bones (or boners), and that any kind of logic is better left back. And tickling it sure does- with ‘haha’s and ‘heehee’s pouring in by the dozen. With sex comedy as its core, the movie boasts of no path-breaking script, and you may also find some of your inbox messages being delivered as punch dialogues, but regardless of all these the entertainment-quotient is quite high and the witty puns prosed every now and then ensure that there’s not a single dull moment in the film.

Kya Superkool hai hum Riteish Deshmukh

Adi (Tusshar Kapoor) is struggling hard to make a name in the film industry, and features in the Tele-shopping ads hoping that some day he’d get his big break. A tarot card reader predicts that his career will hit high when he’ll fall in love with a girl whose name’s first letter is ‘S’. And the ‘S’ does cross his way in Simran (Neha Sharma), the lucky one who he gets to romance. Meanwhile, Sid (Riteish Deshmukh) is a DJ whose talent is wasted in Gujarat_unplugged parties, and who earns a living by shagging off his dog’s Vickyness over the bitches in doggy-land. Sid has a small stint at a fashion show, and diverts a model’s (Sarah Jane Dias as Anu) attention who then trips on her dress to become an instant ‘malfunctioning’ sensation. The Adi-Simi and Sid-Anu love story takes the story forward hereon. Also the highly-libidinal dog.

It’s hard to hand out awards for these madcap performances, but Riteish-Tusshar duo definitely pull out a lot of guffaws through their act. Anupam Kher as Anu’s father adds extra zing to the story, while Chunky Pandey as Baba 3G who connects to the higher power via broadband seems pretty wasted. A below the belt performance, so to say. The actresses are quite okay.

For a genre of sex comedy where bade definitely achche lagte hai, the film still seems pretty stretched. Size matters, eh? Some editorial scissors could have assisted in the middle, but the following vibrators of hilarity make sure that nothing is compromised (Pun intended). So if you do wish to enjoy some proper adult-rated comedy, do catch this movie rolling in the hay.