Ok, so we all loved the Ek Tha Tiger trailer (at least most of us did), and it’s pretty unlikely of you not to like the just launched Ek Tha Tiger Yomics- where you can see an animated Salman fighting off the villains and jumping off rooftops. Slick. Yomics are pretty unconventional comic books for grabs, with a totally novel look and feel. Unlike other traditional comics, the artwork is maintained colorful and simple, not grim or dark. With this much an appeal, it is sure to find universal takers.

Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger Yomics

Uday Chopra, on the Yomic launch added that a new yomic will surface every month, with the fifth title coming up this Diwali. The new title pretty much stands on its own and is very different from Dhoom or Ek Tha Tiger. The readers will get something new every time with every other Yomic.

Catch the Ek Tha Tiger Yomic Teaser Here: