Space is scary, out there no one can even hear you scream. There is no air, no medium for sound to travel on, it’s just deadly silence and infinite darkness of the vastness of the universe which neither has a beginning nor an end, and if you ever get stranded in such a place with nothing but your relentless desire to live and never ending urge to keep moving no matter how grim the chances are for survival, remember one thing and one thing only; the force that keeps pulling you down obstinately is the force which makes you walk this earth also. And no matter how strong the force pulling us is- for against it we rise, walk, run and conquer.

gravity george clooney sandra bullock

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is an ode to the stubborn human instinct for survival, the unflinching desire to hold on to life even when death seems imminent which is shown in the most magnificent and intricate way possible. It is one epic of a movie which only comes out as often as a Halley’s Comet. It is a well-directed, well written and marvelously enacted action-drama which uses more body language and sound design to express emotions than any movie I have seen in a long time.


When a group of astronauts fixing a damaged device on a satellite are bombarded with a debris of destroyed Russian Satellite orbiting the earth at a speed of a bullet which creates a chain reaction by destroying whatever comes in their way and taking it along, disaster strikes on the US Team Members killing everyone except two out of which one detached from the spaceship is left floating in the ever expanding space with limited O2 (oxygen) and no communication with earth. There is no one to hear them cry, no one to send help. There is this limitlessness and two specs of hope hovering around in enormity.


Alfonso Cauron has possibly made one of the most engrossing space movies of all time which is dramatic, cinematic and enigmatic but not because of the exceptionally realistic 3D effects or the  awesome CGI but because of the detailed portrayal of human emotions on screen which is perfectly balanced by a great background score. His attention to detail is evident from the way he has recreated every single object hovering around in the gravity–lessness, from the Ping-Pong bats on Chinese space ships to realistic movements in zero gravity everything has been researched thoroughly which add to the viewing experience.


George Clooney as Matt Kowalski is incredibly sharp and witty as always. He doesnt make an impression rather inscribes a character in our mind so deep that It will be remembered for a long time.

But as the story is one woman’s journey for survival, Sandra Bullock steals the show by giving one of the best performances of her lifetime. She is extremely convincing with her body movements and passes across a lot of emotions without words or expressions. She’s so good that she might even steal this year’s Oscars for it.

Background Score

Steven Price has created a sound track which is incredibly outstanding and gives an ethereal experience to the viewer’s emphasizing on the mood of the movie. Price may not have been present physically in the movie but his contributions to the movie being so impactful are so much that it’s hard to imagine Gravity without Price’s soundtrack.

Final Word

Gravity is not only a technical masterpiece but also a nerve wracking and thrilling cinematic experience which like wine will become better and better with time. It fuses exemplary sound design, great storytelling and out of the world CGI / 3D technology to create a marvel.

No excuse can justify missing it.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5