As per the earlier reports, which featured India in the list of countries from where app developers could register as Google Checkout merchants and trade their apps on the Google Play Store (Google Android App Store), it is now being reported that India is not a part of that list anymore.

This is the earlier list-

Google Takes Out India From The Paid App Developers’ List.

Here’s the new list-

Google Takes Out India From The Paid App Developers’ List.

Publishing paid apps on the Play Store would have been HUGE for the Indian app developers, what with Android running active on as much as 500 million devices at present. Now with India’s omission, all the developers can rely on for their revenue is advertisements. And with the Indian app profile expanding every day, it would have been a great boost to the Play store as well- ‘cos in Google’s very own words, in India Android has witnessed about a 500 percent growth. Microsoft has been among the first few to tap the full potential of the Indian app industry. It’s recently conducted Windows Phone app fest got itself registered in the Guinness World Record books for having maximum number of app developers ( ~2,567) coding for a single event at one location for over 18 hours.

Alternative options like Amazon do exist for the developers, but the reach that Play Store provides could not be matched. It remains to be seen if Google acknowledges Indian developers in the near future.

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