Google India announced its Doodle 4 Google competition for 2012, inviting school students in the age group of 5 to 16 all over India to come up and churn out some real creative thoughts into their Google Doodles. Whichever doodle wins shall be featured as the Google Logo on Children’s Day, i.e., 14th of November. With over a hundred thousand entries received last year, Google believes that the number is just going to increase as now the contest spans across 40 cities. Nikhil Rungta, Country Marketing Head, Google India, stated that Doodle 4 Google gives a great platform for students to explore the fusion of art and technology, along with competing creatively on a national level.

Doodle 4 Google Contest 2012- Unity in diversity

As usual, we’ll get to see participants grouped into three categories. #Category1 will have students from class 1 to 3. #Category2 will have students from class 4 to 6, and finally #Category3 will have students from class 7 to 10. In an addition to this, this year, the students shall also be divided region-wise – North, East, West, South – and three students from every region shall be shortlisted, one per category.

The first rond comprises precursory judging, where the 12 selected entries shall be declared by the panel of judges. Then these shortlisted doodles shall be open for public voting, and one participant (who gets the maximum votes) from every group shall be selected. The jury then, accompanied by the original Google doodler, shall lay finger on the final conquering doodle from the final lot.

Theme for the doodle this year: “Unity In Diversity”

The last date of entry submission: October 23rd, 2012.

The submission guidelines for the competition could be viewed upon here.