“Love, desperation, hate, deafness, parenthood, autism, dwarfism, schizophrenia, MPD, abuse, emotions, complications, struggle, relationships, dyslexia…” What a concoction! All mixed well in a cocktail that results in a heavy hangover for days to come. Far From The Tree is one such beautifully subtle book where the reader is not only engrossed but also is touched by the adversities of life that are dealt in a avant-garde manner.


Parenthood is no cake-walk. It never has been. What will happen to a loving dad who has a deaf son and has forgotten to hear himself? Or to a mother of an autistic child to desperately wants to be like other teenage studs? Or to a mother who loves her baby conceived after being brutally raped? The theme’s structured around the concept of ‘every child is special’, but the real-life narratives of parents who actually have to bear with their children’s plight and the children constantly drowning in their inferiority complexes, they gradually wrench your heart to pain. This central theme is sure to strike chords with many people facing similar dilemmas in their lives, and compassion erupts in every turn of the page.

A series of stories that are passionately woven by the author with a calm, lucid yet empowering approach that will explore the other mystique side of the cosmos. These stories are about the people who are among us, but are yet a million miles away. The problems dealt in teenage regarding everything or the parents who are in a fix. It is the concept and the delicate way of portraying that makes the book a must-read.

Andrew Solomon is an interesting storyteller. Through his book, he has not only earned respect and reverence, but also the tag of a “storyteller with a difference”. The words in the book flow like a guileless river that keep on going until they reach a confluence of supernovas. The challenges faced by the people will give you a feeling that life is indeed beautiful and to live it to the fullest gives you a sense of a happily ever-after ending.

The book is a classic, a must-read for people from all walks of life. Beautifully enriched with all the elements, a perfectly serious interpretation has been created, which provides for continuous introspection and learning for the species that’s human. Well, after reading the book, I can only remember the words said by Mary Alice Young (character portrayed by Brenda Strong in Desperate Housewives)-“Even the most desperate life can be oh-so-wonderful”.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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