Ok, so in a scheme where fake profiles will plump-up as perverted minds in a crowd, Facebook is offering its users a Rs. 50 (or $1) talktime for every new user-account signed-up through mobile. You will get the same talktime amount if any of your acquaintances sign-up and give your referral.

Facebook's Offering Rs. 50 Talktime To Every New Sign-up or Registeration Through Mobile!

The users need to visit this site– http://m.facebook.com/tt — via their mobiles, and their talktime balance shall see a raise of Rs. 50 (Facebook says the maximum number of days it’d take to credit the amount is 3). Once on the link, the users need to follow the online instructions, put in their mobile number (no email-id required), and they’re done.

India is, undoubtedly, one big money-churning country for Facebook- and it will try out every single option to grow up its money tree. But Indians, being Indians, will work out a very clever way to get Facebook finance all their mobile chat-ups. Yep, for one thing I know, my grandparents are definitely signing up for Facebook through mobile- NOT fake accounts, mind you, but a little additional cash is always welcome, ain’t it?