According to the experts from National Cancer Institute, consuming decaffeinated coffee may be good for liver health. They also said that there is certain content in coffee other than caffeine that assist in safeguard the liver by reducing abnormal enzymes.

For this research, the experts considered the coffee drinking routine of approximately Twenty seven thousand people who were above 20 years of age and observed important indicators of liver function in their blood samples, which included alkaline phosphatise (ALP), Gama glutamyl transaminase (GGT) and two aminotransferase (ALT) enzymes to determine liver health.

It was seen that the individuals who consumed three or more than three cups of coffee (caffeinated or decaffeinated) had lower levels of such indicators as compared to the individuals who do not consume coffee. This shows a good liver health of coffee drinkers.

Researches which were conducted earlier showed that consuming coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiac diseases and other diseases like liver cancer etc.

This research was published in the paper Hepatology.