Very warmly welcomed to the chair of Prime Minister of India, is the person of pride and dynamism, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi. Nevertheless, the excitement in the nation has been lingering since the day BJP won the Lok Sabha elections with clear majority, which, not to forget, was NOT a blessing in disguise to them.


Uday Mahurkar, the wordsmith of this book, became the director of Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad in 2002, and first came face to face to this influential man (the name is really not required to be mentioned) when he decided that IIM-A should organize a one-day workshop on good governance and public management principles for his 16-member team of Cabinet Ministers. To him, and also to me now, it posed as an extremely forward and innovative way of learning process to those, working to build the best kind of governance in one of the leading states of India viz. Gujarat.

From managing the political culture of the state by appointing independent directors for PSUs and IIM-A professionals, to the Pilot Project of providing individual domestic household with 24-hours power supply, Narendra Modi has shown to accrue the idea of administrative prowess. The book lists and elucidates quite elaborately about how astoundingly he stormed the whole state with his new reforms and how did he went about it.

For most part of the book, the reader doesn’t stop, to call Mr. Narendra Modi, the avant-garde governor of all times. Even though there has been imputations made on him for the 2002 Gujarat Riots (that eventually vanished with the Supreme Court’s judgment in May 2010), what he did to stir the impression of Gujarat, by advertising the forlorn stretches of Rann of Kutch and also by inseminating the urge in the people to introduce their talents in the field of sports through the “KHEL MAHAKUMBH”, have been aboveboard and can no doubt be attributed to his visionary approach. This book by Uday Mahurkar poses a bystander to the elite works of Mr. Narendra Modi, who, at that time had been at a subjacent administrative level and had substantiated himself with his productive and proficient habitude to be the incumbent Prime Minister of the country today.

Irrespective of the fact that there can be other books emerging forefront recently, relating to the bureaucrats and other “so-called leaders”, this one is going to snatch away all your delusions about the nasty and grim politics that Indian people have made of it. And since the mindset is bound to change now, why not read about one of the most prudent and rational nationalist (as what he calls himself). With the very first page, the book will unravel what the whole nation needs to know about the NAMO-model Of Governance. A MUST READ!

Overall Rating : 5/5

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