Government owned telecom operator BSNL will invest Rs. 7000 Crore in setting up WiFi Hotspots for 3G, 4G networks across the country over next two-three years. As per Mr Anupam Shrivatava, Chairman and Managing Director, BSNL, ‘’Wi-Fi is an obvious choice for BSNL going forward but it alone cannot be successful. It has to be integrated with 3G, 4G network so that customer can be seamlessly transferred to Wi-Fi.’’

The company will be starting this service from the tourist regions first. Starting from Varanasi, where the company has already rolled out the service, it’s planning to extend it to more tourist spots by the end of the year. As per Mr Chairman, BSNL will have 2500 fully functional WiFi ports by the end of the year.

Along with that, BSNL has collaborated with QuadGen Wireless for technology sharing and setting up the WiFi ports under revenue sharing model. As per Mr C. S. Rao, Founder and Chairman, QuadGen Wireless, ‘’ BSNL is in best position to provide instant bandwidth. We will set up WiFi hotspots and BSNL will provide bandwidth for it. We are committed to set up 1,000 wifi hotspots by June and another 5,000 by end of this year.’’