The human brain has got a weak spot for Alzheimer’s, and UK researchers have specifically spotted the region using several scans. The area of the brain involved develops late in adolescence and degenerates while ageing. Alzheimer’s is at present is not curable, gradually with the period of time it starts impairing memory and later on even performing simple day to day task becomes a problem. Thus foods that improve brain health should be consumed.

It is said that food that are rich in Vitamin E should be consumed as they avert intellectual deterioration. Green leafy vegetables and whole grains are rich source of Vitamin E. Whole grains contain lots of carbohydrates which prevent the neurons in the brain from disintegrating so as to enhance the brain’s retention power.

In the same manner consumption of healthy fats is also very important as fats help new brain cells to rejuvenate thus helps in maintaining good brain health. Healthy fats are found in sea foods like fish etc. and also in nuts.

Apart from diet, exercising regularly or practising yoga and meditation daily is also very essential for brain health.