Author: Rucha Wankhede

‘One Indian Girl’ By Chetan Bhagat | Book Review – A Congratulatory Feat

Chetan Bhagat is at it again. With ‘One Indian Girl’ all the classic hallmarks of a Chetan Bhagat novel are in place-a Punjabi middle class family, love (gained and lost), a wedding, an effort to break the stereotypes and witty sarcasm; albeit with one difference- the narrator is an independent, intelligent, prototypical female voice- Radhika Mehta, VP, Goldman Sachs. As the excerpt and prologue give you a glimpse of what to expect of the protagonist, the very first chapter makes it clear as daylight that she thinks and has opinions of her own. While Radhika expresses them freely to...

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‘Camel Karma’ by Ilse Koehler-Rollefson | Book Review

Jacket blurb – According to myth, the camel was created by Lord Shiva at the behest of his consort Parvati. Parvati shaped a strange five-legged animal from clay and asked Shiva to blow life into it. At first Shiva refused, saying that the misshapen animal will not fare well in the world, but later gave in. He folded the animal’s fifth leg over its back giving it a hump, and commanded it to get up, “uth”. That is how the animal got its name. The camel then needed someone to look after it, so Shiva rolled off a bit of skin and dust from his arm and made out of this the first Raika. Historically, the Raika of Rajasthan have had a unique and enduring relationship with camels. Their entire existence revolves around looking after the needs of these animals which, in turn, provide them with sustenance, wealth and companionship. When German veterinarian, Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, arrives in Rajasthan in 1991, she is Immediately enthralled by the Raikas’ intimate relationship with their animals but also confronted with their existential problems.This is the story of the quest that follows to save a globally unique and humane animal culture and find a place for the camel in rapidly changing India. It is a journey that is often exasperating, sometimes funny, but keeps revealing unexpected layers of rural Rajasthani mores. A travelogue of...

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‘Delhi Mostly Harmless : One Woman’s Vision of the City’ by Elizabeth Chatterjee | Book Review

“I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its Life!” – Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Thus goes the quote, and Elizabeth Chatterjee in her debut novel vastly does justice to it, dissecting the very anatomy of modern day capital, peeling whorls and layers of city’s skin to reveal its aspirations, charm, insecurities and flaws. The author’s journey through nook and corner of the vibrant city captures every nuance from Connaught place to markets of Chandni chowk, from Saket malls and snobby boutiques and coffee shops in Hauz Khas Village to Akshardham temple....

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‘Too Hard To Handle’ – by Anamika Mishra | Book Review

The book titled Too Hard To Handle by debutante author Anamika Mishra is a well written and refreshing novel. It narrates the story of a girl at the cross roads of life and how the various people she meets at different stages of her life influence and thereby shape the course of her journey. The tale is really simple and though at times becomes predictable, it comes across with an emotional connect that is honest and sincere. There are plenty of twists in the book to keep the reader engaged if not engrossed. Young teenage and college going crowd are sure...

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‘Eighteen Plus : Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups.’ – by Apurv Nagpal | Book Review

Eighteen Plus is wickedly desi, quirky laugh-out-loud work of short stories, and though debutant author Apurv Nagpal does not claim his book to be an erotica, the pages are significantly laden with titillating smirk combined with wry humored quick wit. Many ingredients of fascinatingly humorous tales and naughty appraisals are triumphantly combined to unfold a fresh redolence of a perfect recipe for cool bold generation of today. The book is sure to be enjoyed and adored by gen-next which is becoming more and more liberal in both thoughts and in its sexual expression and certainly describes well the  coming...

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