The book titled Too Hard To Handle by debutante author Anamika Mishra is a well written and refreshing novel. It narrates the story of a girl at the cross roads of life and how the various people she meets at different stages of her life influence and thereby shape the course of her journey.

The tale is really simple and though at times becomes predictable, it comes across with an emotional connect that is honest and sincere. There are plenty of twists in the book to keep the reader engaged if not engrossed. Young teenage and college going crowd are sure to find connect with the protagonists Anushree and Vivaan as the situations and circumstances that enfold are certain to have been experienced in some or the other form in their own lives.

The thoughts and perception of the author are mature but the handling of the same somewhere lacks consistency and seems juvenile. Style of narration is casual and informal, with the use of SMS-language and some Hindi words even. Grammar and editing part has too many mistakes and needs some serious revision. It is sure to put off readers with a more customary take on language. Overall the plot is good but the execution could have been made more better and refined.

All in all the whole package amounts to an entertaining read over a languid weekend.

P.S. You can be in for some disappointment if you are a language freak looking for a really serious and profound read..

Overall Rating: 3.0/5

About the Author:

Hailing from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh Anamika Mishra is an avid reader, and movie buff by spirit. She has done BCA from CSJMU, followed by MJMC fro Amity university. She is also an active member of NGO – People for Animals. Anamika is a girl who is known for strong opinions and the passionate defense of her beliefs. This is her first try in writing a full blown novel. When she is not writing, She is busy in traveling and trying her hands in photography.