Mention ‘Separated Twins’, and you recollect Ramesh and Suresh splitting up at a fair only to encounter each other years later in a sugar-candy climax, in truly old-school Bollywood style.

This story is no different with two twins Ajay and Vishal (both played out by Arjun Kapoor) separated during childhood. Yashwardhan (Jackie Shroff) is a dreadful real-estate mafia who can go to any lengths to seal a deal, and has his son and right-hand man Ajay (Arjun kapoor) to eliminate all the “evidences” (pun intended) and his brain is well-fed by shrewd ideas by his wily associate (Amrita Singh). On the other hand, there’s a top gun Police officer named Ravikant (Rishi Kapoor) who wants all criminals settled with. His ‘torn-between-two-worlds’ nephew Arya (Prithviraj) shares complicated relations with his loser dad (Kher), and sees a hero in Ravikant. They hatch up a plan, where Ajay is abducted and his look-alike is sent in Yashwardhan’s dreadful maze as an imposter and as an informer. All goes hunky-dory and cruel intentions are palpable!

Director Atul Sabharwal tries to bring forth you an engaging gangster-thriller which could’ve been superb if not for the lukewarm handling. The first half is full of saucy sequences and the song Barbaadiyaan infuses jest and energy among the audience. However the plot gives you a “been there… seen that” kind of feeling. Even the role of Arjun Kapoor is quite similar to that of Ishaqzaade but he is endearing. Rishi Kapoor totally steps into shoes of a real cop and kudos to him. Overall a good movie which a can be viewed with family and friends.

Takeaway from the movie- “Sapnon Ke Keemat se Apnon ki Keemat Zyada Hoti Hai“. Bohot Khoob.