Its a commonly observed phenomenon that a novel carries so much of content its movie cant really cover each and everything. it is then up to the director who decides on what to retain. We get to watch that story flowing and those characters coming into real, purely depending upon what the director wishes us to see. and ultimately, this is what makes movie look good or bad. Unlike novels, movies can be experienced by us, together, in a group, having fun; and this is what according to me is the biggest advantage of this film. You have read the book or not, the point is out of consideration now, this film does entertain. Hold on, this film is not going to like make your day or, but nor does it break it 0 it provides you a good time for 2 hours and that’s what it is asked of.


The story is about the north Indian guy Krish (Kapoor), who doesn’t quite have the flamboyance of Punjab and the south Indian girl Ananya (Bhat), a shudh Brahmin Tamilian without an accent, fall madly in love with each other, over the economic classes and tandoori chicken bites . After getting placed with healthy jobs, they now want to get married. In India, the path of inter caste marriages is not that easy, there are few more steps which obviously involve the families, in order to get married they should have their families married to each other. Humane emotions like ego, love, care, insecurities along with the generation gap and cultural difference become the key players shaping up the further storyline.

Romance takes backseat and family drama comes fore, after a while you stop complaining as you realize this is what the film is about. It off course had the potential to play with the emotions effectively and to dig the characters deeper. Also the love story comes across as undercooked, while on the other hand, the sarcastic portrayal of the cross cultures seem absolute fun. The high point is father-son relationship angle, which whatever shown, works and films continues to intrigue you towards climax.

The talented bunch of actors uplift the film to new scales, literally. Ronit Roy and Amrita Singh are terrific and perform like veterans. And when they are not in the scene, there is Alia Bhat in the remaining ones, making the film twice or thrice more watchable. She looks gorgeous and acts confident, reminds of Kareena Kapoor at few places. The lead pair’s chemistry, if at all works, its because of Alia, as her partner Arjun Kapoor, yes I am coming to him, pales in comparison. He is likeable, but somehow a better actor would have done wonders. Revathy and Shiv Subrahmaniam does full justice to their roles. Film is technically strong, Binod Pradhan’s camera captures IIM campus and Chennai quite well, the climax sequence is aesthetically shot so is Alia’s beauty. Music by Shankar Ehsan and Loy is good and gels with the mood of the film, while ‘Chandaniya’ remaining with you quite for a while.

This summer we need a whip of fresh air, all of us do, so get your loved ones together and watch ‘2 Sates’, because at the end it is all about getting together, it is light hearted, entertaining and worth your bucks and time.

As per the box office, it has written super hit all over it, as it has that  feel good factor attached to it. I am giving it 3.5 on the scale of 5.

Rating – 3.5 on 5