The famed author of ‘Sita’s Curse’, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s latest offering is a heartwarming novel titled ‘You’ve Got The Wrong Girl’ – the story of whether a man can redeem himself and find his true love when he is a victim of his own wrongdoing. The book starts with the protagonist – Dushyant Singh Rathore and the love of his life are together at Taj Mahal, Agra. There’s moonlit night, passionate love making and fireworks. However, like all good stories there’s a twist. The duo promise each other to never meet again and there in begins the real story – the chase, the journey.

What immediately draws you in, in this book is how the lead character is your next door guy, with all his insecurities, shortcomings, failures and mistakes. This average guy who sets on the journey of a lifetime to unite with the love of his life is really a mind-boggling

I loved the fact that the book keeps moving at a regular pace and the usage of words is strictly common. The simple, easy-going language throughout the book makes this one really an ideal read for journeys when you don’t want the book to eat too much into your head.

The book takes the reader through several twists and turns that involve strange characters and even stranger places – but that’s the element of the story that the author Sreemoyee gets right the most. She keeps you hooked on until you’ve turned the last page of the book. The several characters introduced throughout the tale keep adding different layers to the story.

If you have read ‘Sita’s Curse‘, you have to be prepared for some really bold and sensual scenes. But in ‘You’ve Got The Wrong Girl’, the author has gone a step further and tried to kindle the fire in your hearts by bringing forth an emotional roller coaster ride in the life of our protagonist – Dushyant.

In his quest for true love, the author enforces a thought strongly in the mind of the reader. And it is that – ‘Every person deserves a love story.’ If you have been seeking the love of your life, this book will make you want to try harder. The way Dushyant tries to find his mystery girl, the people he meets, the help he gets, the dead ends he is led to, the frustration in his mind and the eventual right direction he walks on to – everything hints at that wonderful journey of adventure we all crave for in our lives. The book is successful in making you yearn for a love story, like no other, of your own, because in seeking love, you find yourself.

I would definitely recommend this book as your next weekend read or something you would want to carry with you on your train journey next.

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

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