This science-fictional short has a anti-hero protagonist most likely to originate if Indiana Jones is bionically recast as RoboCop. One of the best science-fiction films I’ve seen this year, ‘X-Story’ is about a seeker who follows a map and has to face a few challenges that come his way. The cyberpunk tone and the video-game-like structure of this 13-minute film build up the thrill, and repeat viewing is recommended to completely take in its gorgeous art. (The guy and the futuristic bike reminded me of Akira)

Created by Moscow-based Vitaliy Shushko and team, this short took over two years in the making. Watch the film here, and let me know if you liked it as much as I did. Also, recommendations of similar short films are welcome in comments – I’d be more than happy to catch ’em all.


X-STORY from Vitaliy Shushko on Vimeo.