Last week when Jon Snow’s death scene was left on a cliff hanger a lot of  fan hearts escaped from the mouth around the world.Few were furious others were just sad but the feeling of disappointment was unanimous.Jon snow was one of the most rooted character this season and nobody had expected him to die as he was one of the most deserving to sit on the Iron Throne.But he was stabbed nevertheless, in pure shakespearean style ,a completely tragedy for all the fans around the world.

The death was so disheartening that even ‘Fuhrer’ lost his calm and vented out his anger on his sub ordinates in a closed room while others stood outside eavesdropping.Hitler’s complains were valid and commensurated  with the feelings of all the fans.

I never thought i would ever say this but ‘Hitler i am with you on this and so are millions of fans around the world’.Watch the video below to feel his pain 🙂