Udham Singh, who assassinated former British general Michael O’Dwyer for the latter’s atrocious Jallianwala Bagh massacre, received a wonderful graphic-novel-like tribute from indie band The Sca Vengers. Titled Frank Brazil, which was one Singh’s aliases, the music video was released on July 31st to mark the revolutionary’s 75th death anniversary. The video is made by Kunal Sen and his wife/collaborator Tisha Deb Pillai, who have also animated a previous Sca Vengers music video titled ‘Modi, A Message To You.’

udham singh frank brazil

frank brazil udham singh 1

udham singh

The band is reputed for creating music that’s socially and politically relevant. Modi, A Message To You offered a strong statement during Modi’s election as Prime Minister in 2014, while Badda which released in 2012 commented on censorship and manipulation in Indian media.

Watch Udham Singh’s tribute here-

via : Goodpeckers