When the ol’ friends meet,
Very glad they feel
Sharing happiness
They are full of glee
Alas! they are in Danger
What are they in ordeal

warning 3d

This was an old gist by a very wise man and is completely true to this situation. It all started when a pudgy guy who reminisced about the beautiful college memories and it was then , when he decided that he had had enough! Through a social networking site, he contacted all his best buddies and invited them to come over. When the reunion happened and all the buddies met face to face with their secret “crushes” and their besties, they decided to vacation, A Strictly ‘close-knit’ vacation barring even the spouses and lovers of the friends (Lucky them)! And that is how they decided to enjoy on Tanveer Singh’s (Santosh Barmola) luxurious yacht in Fiji . On the yacht they land amidst a beautiful ocean and then begins their unanticipated adventure!

Away from their families, these buddies left no stone unturned to enjoy and have fun to the brim. Adding to their joy was Sara’s birthday which was another reason for them to get drunk and party! They decide to go for a swim in the lonely ocean. One by one go to the sea only to realize that they have got lost and have completely forgotten their way back to the yacht. To their horror, they were striving to find their way back in a dangerous shark-infested ocean!! Hell breaks loose for the frightened ones and they only regret that why they didn’t pay heed to the warning!

Trying desperately, these friends stumble upon several hardships but as they say, u cannot cheat DEATH! Meanwhile, a dangerous Flash -eating predator who yearned for a lavish feast was celebrating! Lo and behold! Their luxurious joyride was replaced by the “Soul-saving journey”. It’s an irony that those who die are lucky than those who have to face more adversities to save themselves. Sara who keeps sobbing and mewling on the board adds to this theory!

warning 3d

The movie is said to India’s first 3D ocean- thriller and newbie director desperately tried to make this film look like a hollywood thiller owing it’s resemblance to a Hollywood flick Open Sea -2 but to vain. Although the cinematography was good, the storyline was quite bleak. First half of the film was tolerable however but the other one made you nauseatic! the actors who were amateur themselves need a lot of polishing to their acting skills. Manjari Fadnis however was the best. the songs were good but had nothing exceptional in them. The movie tried to give us a “PIRHANA” effect but failed utterly. All we could say after watching the movie was that the friends should have listened to that warning!!! The good news, the film could have been worse. The bad news, it’s awful anyway! The 3D just adds to an additional dimension of suffering.

Warning: Watch the film at your own risk and if you are brave enough to experiment, and do carry something that keeps you busy in this ‘thrilling’ bore-fest. The title itself gives a fair warning- stay away.

Overall Rating: 2/5