I love reading a good memoir, and Unstoppable coming from a famous sports personality had to be on top of my read-list. I’ve followed tennis and enjoy watching the game, but believe me when I say I’m not a superfan. The only way I learn about these players life is through books or through extensive biographical pieces covered by news sites.

Before I start telling about how good Unstoppable is, let me tell you about how amazing Maria’s dad Yuri is, and how we all can take a few lessons in parenting from him. With a mountain-load of struggles facing him – some personal, some caused due to political turmoil, some owed to immigration – and from a life of penury he went on to help her daughter realize her dream. Apart from her father, the author has softly penned her memories of the other important men in her life like the coaches from her younger days and her agent, Max. She talks about all the big tournaments she’s won in detail, and a lot of this part focuses on her fierce game rivalry with Serena Williams.

Her provisional drug ban makes it to the book and she gracefully deals with the topic. She offers a simple explanation on how she got caught and how the post-drug treatment given to her has been a bit unfair. I understand that as the author she’d like to bring forth her story, and as a reader, I knew I wasn’t being manipulated.

While we’ve seen the gritty side of Masha on-field, it’s her cool, fun side that comes out in the form of this memoir. An honest, well-written work that tennis aficionados are sure to enjoy. Even though I’m not head-on into this game, the sport has slowly started growing on me. Unstoppable was supposed to be Maria’s goodbye to the game, but thankfully it’s not and we can still witness her playing the sports dearest to her.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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