When life offers you lemons, make sure to do away with this hangover. While it’s the awfulness and tastelessness of this franchise that magnetized people to come watch it and laugh, this third installment with all its bad jokes and howling puns touches a whole new desperate extreme. And offers next to none laughs. I found the original R-rated Hangover insanely funny. Also the second one (in parts), though it was sketched on almost the same outline as the first, but still the offering was a decent Ha Ha LOL affair. But this latest and the final film in the series is damn unfunny. Though director Todd Philips offers a brand new theme to end the Wolf pack’s final adventure, the humor just doesn’t click. Unwanted violence, unnecessary racist jokes, fatty-ass romance and insane animal butchery is what this film offers for laughs, and I ain’t smiling.

The plot is a creative fart from an extremely smelly a-hole. Man-boy Alan (Zack Galifianakis) is riding a giraffe on his trailer, and while passing below an overpass, the giraffe gets decapitated. His father dies of cardiac arrest, which effects from the realization of having raised a douche-bag son in Alan. Alan suffers an emotional breakdown, and his friends Doug (Justin Barta), Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) are accompanying him to a rehab when they’re sided off the road by a Marshall (John Goodman) who seeks Chow (Ken Jeong) who’s escaped from Bangkok prison. Trips to Las Vegas, Mexico and Nevada happen before the film reaches its ‘epic’ conclusion.

The writers have nothing new to offer in the whacky humor section (the original writers of the first film are seriously missed!). The actors, however, try to give this series a decent farewell. Ken Jeong has the whole film centered on him, and this chap enjoys a great amount of screen time. Alan as the retarded bloat is awesome as always, but even he generates just a handful of laughs. Ed Helms’ character grows cooler, and Bradley Cooper looks bored.

If not laughs, at least watching a film should be an enjoyable affair. That’s what “enjoyable” comedy is all about. This film, my friend, is loathsome and characterless, apart from being an embarrassment to the franchise. Avoid it while you still can.