An ambitious story about Uma (Oxford returned with an English beau) and Madhavi (who has just escaped from a cold and loveless marriage) as well as and Dhruv (Madhavi’s former lover) three, intersected by a mysterious guy Jai Prakash, who holds the key to their destinies, is enveloped in the tale called ‘The Gin Drinkers’. Written by Sagarika Ghose, this book explores the feeling of being estranged in your home land. The story asks questions about the age-old social order, which doesn’t seem much relevant in modern India. Through the lives of the the three leading characters and many other related people whose life is altered in the course of this tale, the author tries to develop every storyline with equal aplomb. Characters such as the Civil servant Shantanu (Uma’s father) and his wife Anusuya or Pamela Sen, a dedicated teacher or the revolutionary Deekay who hails from a middle class family background, will live in your memory for days after you’ve finished reading the book.


The story revolves around a a lecture at the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. Jai Prakash, an impersonation of what’s rapidly changing in Indian society, is holding a treasured secret. The story gets really mysterious when a gang of thieves steals rare books from the houses of the well heeled. Without revealing much of the story we recommend that you give this debut author a chance to express a story that’s rare and fresh.

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

About the Author:
Sagarika Ghose was born and educated in New Delhi. She was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in 1987 and since 1991 has worked as a journalist in New Delhi. She is married with two children. This is her first novel