Tata Motors’ least expensive small car Tata Nano is all set to ‘power’ up people’s happiness even further. An announcement today by Tata Motors claimed that now the Nano shall be blessed with a power-steering, and that’s quite a great achievement as the tediously heavy mechanical steering wheel shall be done away with (it was daunting much). The new Nano’s called ‘Nano Twist’, and it shall be launched in India coming January 15th, 2014.

Tata-Nano-twist power steering

Nano is a key player in Tata Motors’ game, and Tata is doing everything in its power to better the comfort and convenience offered by this car by introducing the power steering, and it was a very necessary update (more so for female drivers, but men shall benefit equally enough). The power steering developed by ZF shall make Nano Twist costlier by Rs 15000/- as compared to the existing Nano versions.

This could be Tata Nano’s attempt to boost its plummeting sales figures, which at present is a mediocre 1600 monthly units. Tata Nano twist holds the potential to escalate the sales further and rake in more fortunes for the company. At present, Tata Nano is being traded in five variants spanning petrol and CNG fuel trims- Tata Nano STD, Tata Nano CX, Tata Nano LX, Tata Nano CNG CX, Tata Nano CNG LX, where all the variants feature a 4-speed manual transmission mated to a 0.6-L petrol engine delivering maximum power of 37.4bhp and a peak torque of 51Nm.