Cast: Hussain Kuwajerwala. Anjali Patil
Director: Rajesh Bachchani
[highlight]Overall Rating: 2/5[/highlight][divider]

Shree is ambitious, damn original for its genre, and it could’ve come out tightly engaging had it had a proper execution. Only so much for the budget, which wasn’t much so to say. And engaging it surely isn’t, at least not after the first 20 minutes into the film, for this science-fiction film fails to decode the ultimate science that grounds it, or rather decodes it a bit too much? We’d never know.

shree movie hussain 2013

Shreedhar Upadhyay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) is an accountant at a mobile phone company and pockets a meagre amount for salary. To marry his girlfriend Sonu (Anjali Patil), he needs to own a 1-BHK flat as per her mother’s demands. Right then his boss gives him an offer he can’t refuse- 12 hours of his time for an undisclosed experiment that has failed many times earlier, rewards of which shall be Rs 20 lakhs. Shree slips on the banana peel offer, and little does he know what lies ahead.

Though all these ingredients could’ve created one hell of a brilliant movie, the final product comes out something very tasteless. Blame it on the story-telling prowess or the crude direction. While on one hand Hussain shows tremendous promise by giveing this film his complete blood and sweat, others rarely manage to live up to the authenticity of their roles. The songs were seriously unwanted. Now, ‘phat gayi’, really? First time director Rajesh Bachchani gives this film a very amateurish treatment, cutting down most of the entertainment in sloppy shots.

You may want to see this film for its premise, but it’s definitely not offering you any value for your time.