The Sunday conscience, as Aamir Khan’s TV show Satyameva Jayate is famously touted, has indeed been a game changer of sorts. It may have not created much difference in your life (didn’t make a difference in mine), but the attempt was brave nevertheless, and has made enough difference where the difference was meant to be.

Aamir Khan In Satyameva Jayate

With each and every topic of discussion- be it female foeticide , domestic violence, old-age issues, sex abuse, medical practices and still prevailing untouchability- the show talked of nothing we already didn’t know, but did well to knock-knock the government doors. Rajasthan court fast-tracked the female foeticide issue, Lok Sabha passed the child protection bill, Maharashtra Government allowed medical shops to supply generic drugs in all government run dispensaries- these would never have been easy if not for this show.

The show boasts of an audience spanning over 5,435 cities and 165 countries, so the ‘awareness’ quotient was very well addressed. The show is even said to be the second-most commented show during the launch month. For an initiative, it’s been a great move. Now as a second stint of the show is being planned, I better hope they move over grassroot issues and address the more immediate problems our nation’s dealing with. Change has to be bottoms-up, agreed, but we’ve already witnessed a lot of root-causes and ills being dealt for a season. Hope this show gets to be more than tears and revelations, and also tosses up an alternative solution along with Ram Sampath’s musical garnishing.