Rumors of imminent attacks now gripped Bangalore which triggered the exodus of North-East people from Karnataka. People are feeling unsafe particularly those are from other states. By the time nearly 8000 people who include professionals and students already left the city. Many of them have opted staying on Railway station than living in the city. It was all initiated as rumours spread saying that the North-eastern peoples would be targeted on Monday (Eid Day) as to avenge the killings of Muslims by tribal in Assam.

Bangalore exodus caused by rumors and fear

 An appeal issued by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Karnataka Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar somehow stabilised the situation. The Chief Minister promised full protection and support but still people aren’t feeling safe anymore and nearly 1000 people are expected to leave by Thursday night. Same is the case with Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. Nearly 20000 Assamese people work, study, live in these cities. Though officials are assuring protection, nearly 1500 are moved. The Prime Minister is also worried and stated his responsibility to protect the people from north-east. He assured that the government will discharge its duty to the best of its ability so that a feeling of insecurity among people of northeast is brought under control. I think that the state government should also contribute as central government is trying best to put the situation under control.

These incidences have raised many voices in the parliament houses. And it is very unfortunate that in spite of contributing unitedly, opposition has got a chance to pull legs of the ruling ones. I even heard that a debate has started on whether the BJP has failed in its duty to protect North-Easterners. Now I wonder, is this the time to have a debate on this topic or to worry on the deteriorating situations? Those people who are deliberately spreading such rumors are disturbing national integrity. These are anti-social elements who spread rumors with the deliberate aim of aggravating the situation. Anyways, the need of hour is to get rid of all these rumors and stabilize the situation until the north-eastern people can feel safe.