The HRD (Human Resources Development) ministry has today shed some light on the IIT JEE Advance test pattern, and stated that the pattern for 2013 shall be on the same steps of patterns observed in the last few years- all MCQs. The JEE 2013 notification was issued by the HRD on 14th of August this year, and students shall have two face two sessions of multiple choice questions- one in the morning and the second session in the afternoon. The notification even read that only the top 150k students from JEE-Main shall be eligible to sit for the Advance JEE test.



There were various IITs who favored Subjective test since it tested the basic knowledge of an aspirant, but with HRD’s final verdict, students may breathe a sigh of relief. The difficulty level shall be maintained. Senior officials at IIT-Bombay were late to put forth the new pattern, so the  Joint Admission Board (JAB) decided to proceed with the existing format. However, the 2014 test format is subject to change. JEE 2014 aspirants, keep your fingers crossed already.