A film maker (Rampal) has a fascination with a thief, on whom he has made two blockbuster movies.He is in the process of writing the third installment when his life gets intertwined with the protagonist (Roy) of his story and both of them need to make a journey within themselves to answer questions they have been asking all their lives. Both of them depend upon each other to reach their destination but do they realize what they are truly looking for?

Roy is not the typical Bollywood movie ,its different but different isn’t always synonymous with good. There are two stories running parallelly in Roy which are interlinked through the protagonist, who is a shadow of the writers pseudo consciousness.In such a story both segments should fill each others gaps and act as a ladder to reach the ultimate destination of emotional upheaval. But sadly in Roy, both stories act has breakers to each other where neither of them gets enough space or time to develop into something tangible. In the end you are left deeply exhausted and clueless because nothing that happened in the entire run time of 2.5 hours adds up to anything to hold on to.

It’s a shame because a talent like Ranbir Kapoor was wasted in a story which doesn’t give his character the breath that it wanted. The character of Roy is so unidimensional that even the majestic Kapoor cannot salvage him. I appreciate the novel concept that Vikramjit devised but that’s it, there is nothing else which is praise worthy in this pseudo intellectual movie. The songs are badly placed, screenplay in confusing, editing is tacky and the story is pointless.

I’ll directly come to the point here, I feel bad for Vikramjit Singh. Poor guy tried to make a different film which turned out to be such a yawn inducing, patience testing and a pointless debacle.

Roy was a thief, con man who ultimately fooled the audiences into believing that the movie would be an edge of the thriller. In the end it was just a direction less journey which will unanimously disappoint everyone.

This has to be my shortest review because Roy was the longest movie I have ever watched.

Overall Rating : 1.5/5