Rolls Royce To Open A Dealership In Ahmedabad!

Legendary British Luxury Carmaker, Rolls Royce (RR), is all set to open its 6th dealership in India. The new showroom will be located in Ahmedabad, in which both Ghost and Phantom will be up for sale. Prior to this, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Chandigarh already owned the dealerships. Auto Experts are expecting the prices to get high at Ahmedabad as compared to Mumbai, owing to the larger amount of taxes in Gujrat.


Presently, Rolls Royce Ghost will cost around INR 3 Crore, and would be ready for delivery in an around 2-3 months. While RR’s flagship car Phantom will cost around INR 4.5 Crore to its lovers with a waiting period of 5-6 months once the order is placed. Each RR car will be customised as per the specifications of the buyer, who will have choices in colour, interior design, as well as lighting etc.

RR Ghost

This showroom will be a part of Mumbai’s Navnit Motors, who sold around 22 RR cars from its Worli outlet. The company forecasters are expecting to find some potential customers in Gujarat, so as to ease, the Ahmedabad showroom will be followed by a dedicated service centre soon.

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  • The British luxury car brand Rolls Royce has decided to launch its one of the showroom in Ahmadabad. In this showroom both cars will be available. The car generally cost around 3 crore and in order to buy we need to book for the car. And then it will be delivered within two to three weeks. The cars can be affordable by the royal dignitaries present in India.

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