“Evil thoughts and dark desires
Boil and burn in a wicked brew!
Throw hate and gore into fire,
Let the Lovers all be true….”

 Toot Toot! All Aboard the Sunny Express. The ‘Express’, ripe with promise, luscious diva and with oodles of eroticism. Ragini MMS 2 is a spin-off of Ragini MMS with even more sex and spook. Shot in the same scary locales, the story revolves around a film crew which is way too fascinated with Uday and Ragini’s story and decides to make a movie on it. Rocks ( Parvin Dabas) is the director who ropes in the Spunky Script-writer Satya ( Saahil Prem) and oomphy Diva Ms. Leone ( Sunny Leone) to play the role. Sunny not only gets in Ragini‘s shoes but also portrays her own version of Erotic Creativity. The set and crew is all ready to shoot in that same haunted house until the Ghost of the house returns to haunt them and spread more blood and gore. Hell breaks loose and so does the problems for all leading to scary events. A New York settled psychiatrist (Divya Dutta) is beckoned who comes with all her “shoo away the ghost” items and trying every herb and hybrid to eradicate evil. Amidst all there is the bombshell, Ms. Sunny, grooving to baby doll and scampering around with her hot bod covered in bare minimum and even sharing a passionate kiss with Sandhya Mridul!

The story fails to spook us. It is something else that sends shivers down our spines. As for Sunny, she is a gorgeous bold diva, maybe with a lil’ deadpan expression but we can certainly say that she surely knows that the way to a man’s heart is not his stomach (pun intended). The rest of the cast is good but what the film falls short of is a good engrossing and good horror. The song ‘Babydoll’ is a chartbuster and again, our Fave rapper Honey Singh comes into picture and we still haven’t got enough of vodka. One word for the movie- BOLD. Although, the movie fails to keep up our expectations. A mediocre watch indeed. PS: I couldn’t stop from quoting an anon tweet that sex on TV won’t hurt until you fall off!

Overall Rating: 2/5