Playback | Horror Short Film – Single Take Brilliance!

If you totally dig the thriller-horror genre, then you’ve just hit gold in this short film by Nathan Crooker, who pays homage to John Carpenter classics with this film. What’s so special about this short is that it’s shot in one single take. No edits, no cuts. And with such a simple narrative and that intense an end, no wonder we rank it among the dope.

Watch the short film here:



  • Hey guys thanks for the kind words and posting our film. Like @revelatorfilms for updates on the feature. I can’t wait to scare the hell out of everyone for 90 mins.

    • Ambarish Ganesh says:

      Hey Nathan, great to have you here! And congratulations for this film.
      Almost everyone who has watched this short is going all ‘whoa!’ about it. Looking forward to more awesome stuff from you! :)

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