NVIDIA announced today its collaboration with IIT-Delhi for setting up an Exascale Research Lab (ERL) where brains shall be exploited to develop an exaflop (1000 petaflops) supercomputer till 2017. The Indian government is to put forward substantial finance to upgrade the nation’s supercomputing infrastructure. Along with speeding up the ongoing research, the lab shall also address tasks related to computer science, nanotechnology and power engineering among others.

The Mare Nostrum Barcelona Supercomputer Centre, Spain Computer undercroft

NVIDIA’s and energy efficient GPU accelerators shall shoulder the supercomputing technologies developed by Indian researchers, by cutting down costs and power requirements- a ‘must’ for the success for any exascale project. Kepler architecture, that presently powers the world’s fastest supercomputer ‘Titan’, shall reportedly be employed in this initiative.

Source: Business Standard/ CrazyEngineers